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If you’re experiencing pain in your tooth, it could be caused by an inflammation or decay around a tooth. This can lead to infection and abscesses which can be very painful. In these situations, the best solution is root canal therapy. Root canal treatment isn’t as scary as you may think (they are generally no more painful than a standard filling), and at Vlass Dental Care you’ll be in great hands as Dr. Vlass has been performing root canal therapy here in Roswell GA for more than 30 years.


What is a dental root canal?


A root canal is a treatment purposed to help repair and save teeth that have become decayed or infected due to deep decay, repeated dental procedures, chips or cracks, large fillings or facial trauma. During a root canal treatment procedure, the offending tooth sees its root and pulp ini the center of the tooth removed, and the inside of the tooth cleaned and sealed. Doing so prevents infection or abscesses from forming. The root of your tooth isn’t important to your tooth’s health or functionality; it actually only provides the sensation of hot or cold, so removing it is ideal.


Why is the pulp also removed during root canal treatment?

When a tooth’s nerve tissue or root become infected or damaged, it breaks down and bacteria begins to multiply within the pulp chamber leading to infection and/or abscesses which can result in swelling in your face, bone loss, and drainage complications. Removing the pulp prevents and resolves those scenarios entirely.


What is the process and recovery time for a root canal?

Over the course of a couple of visits, Dr. Vlass will x-ray and review your tooth’s root canals to determine if there is infection and if a root canal is right for you. A small hole will be drilled into the tooth and decayed tissue, pulp and debris will be removed. After cleaning, the tooth is sealed.

After your root canal has been completed, your tooth may feel sensitive due to normal inflammation around the tooth, particularly if there was pain in the area prior to the procedure. This is usually treated with simple over-the-counter solutions like Aleve or Motrin. Most patients go back to their normal routine within 24 hours. At Vlass Dental Care, we recommend minimal chewing on the tooth that is under repair until permanent filling is in place in order to avoid any recontamination of the tooth interior.


Schedule your root canal treatment at Vlass Dental Care in Roswell GA today.

If you’re experiencing tooth pain, don’t wait to call us and schedule your appointment. If a root canal is needed, it’s better to do it sooner rather than when you’re in serious pain. Our team of dental experts are ready to relieve your pain. Call today.

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